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Friday, January 20, 2012

Natural & Lucky foods for Chinese New Year

1.  Rice, of course!- representing prosperity and fertility; to eat rice every year is considered to advance one to the highest level of promotion.

tip:  try the deliciously nutty taste of brown rice, and add colour with Wild rice.  Rice is gluten-free, and suitable for coeliacs.

2.  Fish
The word for fish, "Yu", sounds like Wish and Abundance!  It's customary to serve a fish whole at Chinese new year, and for guests to help themselvs to the gleaming, healthy dish.  James Duigan, author of the Clean and Lean diet, reckons grilled fish and salad is the healthiest meal one can have.  James, if it works for your best client Elle (Macpherson), we'll be eating it every day this year!

tip:  Check out the impact of the fish you prefer to purchase, on a website such as Seafood Watch (in the US), Sustainable Seafood (in Australia) or Fish Online (in the UK)

3.  Eggs
The round shape symbolises family reunion and prosperity.

tip:  did you know free range and organic eggs contain up to three times as much heart-helper Omega 3 than regular eggs?  Read your egg-box and reap better health for you and your family!

4.  An abundance of greens
Lettuce (with food wrapped inside it= having a child soon!) meaning abundance of good fortune, and sea vegetables, symbolising and bringing prosperity, are wonderful foods to welcome luck at Chinese New Year.

tip:  ext time you make a chilli, swap the tortillas or taco shells for delicious large lettuce or cabbage leaves.  the freshness really allows your flavours to shine through!

5.  Oranges
the words for Orange and tangerine sound like Luck" and "Wealth" to the Chinese, so it is a tradition that these fruit are freely exchanged, given to neighbours and friends.

tip:  A beautiful and abundantly decadent recipe using small oranges or clementines is "Poached Clementines " ; sticky-sweet grown-up dessert served with vanilla ice-cream or coconut ice.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
wishing you delicious and auspicious Year of the Dragon, commencing this weekend!
What's your favourite recipe using one of the above?

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