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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boo! What scares you?

In the shops, leering pumpkins and (much more frightening!) neon-coloured sweets remind us it's time to get spooky for Halloween (or Hop Tu Na, as it's called here)

But really- what scares you? I'll share with you something many of my friends and clients whisper about in horrified tones, and then am going to show you why it can't spook you in any way.

What really scares many of us is the thought that something huge and unwanted can jump into our experience. Suddenly (we've all heard the stories), so-n-so was struck with this disease, or lost their house in a credit crunch. And we quietly think to ourselves, crossing our fingers or sending a little prayer up, that "it" doesn't happen to us.

Enough of this fear. Enough of this feeling as if we're victims of what seems to happen "out there" in life, as if at any moment we might be next. This idea is old and out-dated. It's a mistruth. Real truth: We create our own reality.

And recognising we create our own reality means becoming aware that reality works like this.... Our life is a wonderful cake we're baking, and we are the chef who decides on it's flavour. All around us, the world is our perfectly well-stocked kitchen. There's every sort of ingredient we could possible imagine in the kitchen, but it's not as if the basil (for example) is going to get up and put itself in our cake. We decide what goes in, and what stays out. You might add pineapple, or banana, or vanilla essence. And you'll most certainly leave the dishwashing up liquid out of your delicious creation.

You leave ingredients out of your life by ignoring them (no more listening to stories of disaster). No more thinking about what negativity may befall you. And you put the delicious selections in by thinking more and more about them. Those good bits of life. Focusing on the love, the affection, the prosperity, the joy, the good health, the fitness and the friendship. The feng shui...

No longer will you feel a little bit spooked when you hear of bad things happening. Because you know exactly what you're spending your time thinking about, ie. what you're putting in your cake.

So now we're doing this deliberately, life doesn't even have to ask us, "Trick or Treat?" Each day we focus on the pleasant things, we subconsciously confirm our delivery of the good.

An analogy of the universe as our kitchen and us as the chef-creator is in the book "Ask and It is Given", by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

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