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Saturday, October 4, 2008

October fireflies

Sitting outside on possibly the last of the indian summer evenings here in the British isles, in my imagination, the midges became fireflies and I was back in New York, having a picnic in late summer on a fragrant lawn... the one and only time I saw these magical creatures.

Are you lucky enough to have fireflies in your garden? The glow of a firefly reminds us of the powerful energy within us all.

Finding and living our passions lights us up inside just like a firefly.

Heading South tomorrow, off the island and down into Wiltshire. I'll be here; a wonderful healing centre, on a three week course & retreat which will deliver one of the most powerful skills we can ever have- being able to use our minds exactly the way we like to create our realities.

I'm passionate about using our time and energy to keep inventing a life we love, so am "buzzing" like a firefly, looking forward to becoming NLP certified and sharing delicious new "Love & Life" techniques with you.

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