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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bringing the Outside In

Autumn is just so delicious- the abundance of natural objects just lying around this part of the world fills me with glee! Husby thinks I'm mad dragging home branches to attach pictures of dream holiday destinations and favourite friends with pegs, powering up our Helpful Friends & Travel area. Back in Australia, as I recall tripping over a washed-up and weathered plank on the beach- a gem of a find!-, it was a real treat to uncover something natural and photogenic to bring home from my walks. Then in Qatar in some of the most curious places (a pile of sand on a building site, for instance), the most exquisite sea-shells would appear and when this happened, it made a walk there a real joy, but I do love just the number and variation of mother natures gifts that practically litter this windswept island!

Besides the branch idea above (and it does make a lovely memento-holder), here are some other decor ideas using nature to bring the elements of the outside into your home. Just add candlelight for a soothing and meditative inner space.

Twig Coasters- easy to make and a lovely activity for wet days. Patient little people are great at this and it makes them feel so grown-up to enjoy a cup of tea using their coaster upon completion. You cant see in the picture but they are twigs of the same length and hickness tied prettily together with twine. Element: Wood - the element of family & health, and it strengthens communication. Guarantees good conversation with your brew!

Gourd Lamp
- something for the North American and Down-Under folk where gourds seem to be in large supply! This looks highly technical at first glance, but Martha makes it easy. Element: Earth- the element of relationships and knowledge. It's uniqueness will serve to provide creative inspiration and good-humour in the room it's placed.

Finally, an idea that often haunts me and I've yet to turn a hand to- the Feather Wreath. This makes my soul sing. Not represnting the element air, as this isn't an element of feng shui, but the element Fire, as it's made from bird feathers. Warmth and prosperity from your communications and creativity are the gifts such an object in your home will bestow on you.

These ideas and lovely others can be found on the Martha Stewart crafts website.

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It aims to help us live in harmony with the world by promoting the flow of positive energy and avoiding negative or destructive energy. Many people are not aware that due to this energies we all being affected. So with the help of Feng shui principles, we can control our lives and achieve our goals. The flow of “chi”, or positive life energy, in and through a space is called Feng Shui