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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More space to play- feng shui in the kitchen

I love cooking and one of my favourite rooms to feng shui is the kitchen, as it has such a impact on our life and energy. So I really enjoyed the feng shui tips on the Black & Decker website to promote their great idea- "Spacemaker". Maybe you will, too! All underline the importance of clearing clutter and having lots of room to play on our kitchen counters. It's lovely to find feng shui in such a place.

You'll notice apples in the display kitchen. Great feng shui! A display of apples in the kitchen is a wonderful family energy harmoniser. Red apples ward off negativity, whilst green increase the positive chi.

So, for instance, when you're starting a new exercise regime and need feng shui assistance, a bowl of green apples is an excellent enhancement... whilst if a meddlesome family member is coming to stay, a display of red apples will protect your happy house vibe.

love n luck to you,



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