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Monday, October 27, 2008

Removing Obstacles & Stretching Time

Quantum physics tells us time is an illusion. And when we check in with our own experience, this fact is believeable. Haven't you had the experience of having an "endless moment" or been so absorbed in what you're doing, that time just seems to disappear?

I invite you this week, if you've been enticed by this concept of time as flexible, before, to stretch and shrink time as it suits you. Because you may at present be in a hurry ;), here's how to do it. The possible results you can manifest come next!

You'll need: The intention to control your universe as you experience it.

Start with: Sitting there, owning that you are experiencing the manifestation of your thoughts. It's a powerful and supportive thought! Next, make an internal command; "Shrink time!" (speeds things up) or, "Stretch time!" (slows time down) -to the molecules of your body, which are made up of the same atoms that the entire universe is fabricated from. Finally, begin to notice the ways in which your command is effective- through the numbers on a clock, how much you're able to get done (or get away with not doing), and the feeling of passing time.

I invite you to do this, as I want you to be as "blown away" with the results as I was on Friday night, when I had an amazing experience by practising this kind of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction and asking other-dimensional (spiritual, I like to call it) assistance.

Here's what happened: Left Wiltshire en route to Gatwick airport with plenty of time to spare before my flight at 19.40. Hit terrible traffic close to London on the M3- turned on the radio, and each statio was broadcasting the lengthy delays on the two roads I'd have to take to arrive at the airport on time. Quickly did the math; if I could maintain an average of 40 miles an hour I'd still arrive the required 45 minutes before departure. But the standstill traffic over three lanes, and memories of long aiport security and check in queues had me all a-fluster. As one panicky memory joined another- disappointment at the meal out we'd planned later that night, worry at where I'd stay and rebooking a flight- I was activating powerfully negative energy. The Law of Attraction answered my negative thoughts- so, suddenly it was 18.30 and still 30 miles to go to Gatwick.

25 minutes to travel 30 miles in Friday night traffic out of London, drop back the car, check in, clear security and board the plane. Impossible? I needed serious help, and could only think of one entity big enough for this job. "Ganesh, remover of obstacles, help me!" In addition, I made the internal command to "Stretch time!" and focused on how fantastic it would be to actually get on that flight and be on the island tonight. Finally, I stepped on the accelerator, praying all the time.

Every distance estimation sign I'd check the dashboard clock. I'd gained one minute over the miles. Another minute. another minute. I was excited, I was doing my best. It was working! The traffic cleared in front of me. I could almost feel Ganeshs' hot breath on my neck. And now it was 18.54 and 6 miles to Gatwick.

Mobile rings. It's Husby. "You'll do it. Keep going." Into Gatwick and a lovely girl is just standing waiting to receive the car keys. Racing up the escalators, the Flybe queue is empty. "Anyone for Aberdeen?" a representative is calling. It's 19.04. No, Isle of Man, I say. Is it still open? "Yes," she replies, "and on time. On the day we wish we had delays!"

I won't bore you with the short-cut through security or scurry to the gate. But at 19.35 I was plopped down on seat 1A, staring out at the runway lights, marvelling at the last hour that stretched the distance.

And arrived home in time for dinner- a curry, in honour of Ganesh.


Natalie Reid said...

Quantum physics indeed shows us that time is not absolute (although in the US, Daylight Saving Time shows us, that, too - we all just decide it's an hour earlier or an hour later ...) It works well to change time when you really need it, as with your driving time. When I need to be on time, I don't look at my watch until I arrive. I just decide that I will arrive on time, even if I've left late and there's traffic. This works every time, because I don't focus on time, or put any attention on time, I focus only on arriving when I'm supposed to arrive.

Samantha Honey said...

Natalie, it seems like you are the master of your time, instead of it being the master of you like so many of us are (a.k.a headless chickens). Gives one a great feeling of personal power, doesn't it? I'm also curious if you (as I do most days) "tell yourself" before you go to sleep what time you want to wake up... and find you wake up at precisely the time you set for yourself, without any alarm or reminder.
If so, try the advanced version: don't look at the time you go to bed, and still tell yourself what time you want to wake up. Let me know how you go!