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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feng Shui for Love- Smitten...

Smitten- the mitten for two- such a beautiful feng shui accessory for love!
Though I'm not sure that Husby would want to be seen wearing this anywhere he might run into someone he knows, in the cockpit of the helicopter... with me beside him as co-pilot on a cold winters night... he'd adore it. A smitten really says, I'm-with-you-on-this-one, don't you think?

Q. Are you the giver or the taker in your relationship? Or do both of you take turns?

Keep cosy, wherever you are! I hope you're snuggling up to someone you love. If not, but you'd like to be, why not get your heart's desire a Smitten for lover's day? People are shy and insecure inside, you know... the odd present with note sayng, "Let's be together!" can work wonders...

Here, I'm making pizza dough with oven up HOT to chase away these freezing draughts. I wonder if The Lady in the Flour will appear?

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