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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Bonkers

i remember walking along the dirt road in Tobago on our wedding night, ludicrously dressed in white trousers...

i didn't think it at the time; I was worried about my shoes getting dirty!

We had supper in Bonkers, we love the joint, we especially like Troy, and how he so charmingly sweats it around the wood floor bure, holding it all together...

Husby has been there more than me, he spent weekends learning to dive in Tobago, and took Caribbean-faring holiday family to Bonkers.

I'd recommend it in a minute.

And to me I want it to stay the humid, outdoorsy, best-crab-cakes-on-this-planet place it is. It's the perfectly bonkers place to celebrate a brilliantly bonkers partnership.

Image by Olaf Gehrmann

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