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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Resolutions

photograph by Max ---wonderful wonderful!!

that's it... can't hold out anymore! I looove resolutions. I love new moon resolutions, not to mention new year resolutions. They really focus the power of our intention.

And though I've really, really tried hard to hold out til Chinese New Year, being a feng shui-ist and all, I simply can't!

Have given in because... well, there's no elegant way of saying it- peer group pressure. I've spent an indulgent few hours today cruising talented blogs and am so inspired by other peoples visions for themselves and this year. Here are many of the recurring ones:

think more positively

give more kisses

read one book a week

take more pictures

learn to cook properly

learn Italian

visit Paris, live in France or eat and dress like a French woman


do yoga

write more thank-you cards

live more, work less

Inspiring, oui?

A big one for me this year is to look for the beauty in everything, everyday..

What's your new year/new moon/ January resolution?

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