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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starck Shui

what i love about feng shui is that it's not the pursuit of glamour, or of style par excellence... although it's so wonderful when they meet up.

Which is an idea that came to me whilst gawping at Paris Apartment's beautiful blog posts on Phillippe Starck's work. You'll love them!
Clever- unique- avant garde- iconic.

Here, my take on a few designs by Philippe Starck: how-to-make-sure-your-restaurant is always busy feng shui...

Busy, and filled-with-friends feng shui...

And, we can try this centrepiece +candles at home to always have the feng shui that attracts fascinating, warm and social people in our lives...

But lets avoid this bedroom configuration and keep good feng shui for health!

Feng Shui is an ambience that feeds you positive energy...

Oh no! What's this? Another motorcycle indoors?
Mr Starck- you can't have been responsible- it's hardly part of the new ambience you created for Le Meurice!

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