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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The beautiful paintings of Akiane

Have you seen the beautiful work of artist Akiane, who began painting aged 7? Both these were done by her at age 13.

“To say that Akiane has extraordinary talent is a gross understatement. She is a young genius and a spiritual young lady with an amazing gift who is changing the lives of all who have come in contact with her.” -Fox News

About this second painting, Innocence, Akiane says,

One morning as my studio lamps were lighting the portrait I almost fell off the chair. I quickly called my family into my studio to make sure that what I was viewing on the linen was not my imagination.
Everyone did see what I was seeing: from the front Mary looked young, happy and uncommonly beautiful, however, by looking at her from the side she appeared much older, and tears with wrinkles covered her whole face. Unintentionally, I created a holographic image because of the multiple layers of paint. I don’t know why this happened. Maybe for a manifestation of two different times in her life.

This top picture, Gayshe, I love from a feng shui point of view. The poem and description Akiane makes of it is profound in itself.

As an outsider, it also holds another sort of wonderful symbology. She painted it for her mother who was having difficulty in pregnancy with her little brother. In feng shui, the cherry blossoms and gourd shape their shower makes, are both very auspicious for fertility. The water represents emotion and holds the powerful Yin energy of the eternal female... this would be a very helpful picture in feng shui for any lady yearning for or expecting a child.

You can see more of Akiane's work here!


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