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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Double Happiness for mums n bubs

If you're a middle-east or UK mummy, happy Mother's Day! I have been wanting to show you this delightful photo for a while now. Isn't this just the sweetest mum n bub picture? And, if you can see them, the bubs t-shirts read "Double Happiness", inspired by feng shui!

Elizabeth Wong, founder and owner of Baby Monkey, the organic children's clothing company in New York who make them, has clear ideas on why feng shui is so good for children. Here are some of her reasons for creating gorgeous feng shui theme apparel for children...

  • Feng Shui stimulates and encourages a child's individuality which results in a more positive attitude towards life and allows them to embrace it rather than look at its faults. This can easily be achieved by the color of their room and inspiring decorations.

  • Feng Shui gives children security and balance. By simply positioning a child's bed in the correct bedroom location, future health problems and reoccurring ailments are discouraged.

  • Respect for parents and a good relationships with others can be achieved with Feng Shui by displaying cheerful pictures of the parents in the children's rooms. This can also lead to the dissipation of any behavioral problems that may have previously occurred.

I once had a client whose bub was a real grizzler without any obvious- or medical- reason. An analysis of the childs four pillars astrology revealed a lack of the element earth. So we made their bed closer to the ground and painted the room a warm buttercup yellow. Also changing the colour of a bubs bed linen from pure white to cream or lemon can settle an insecure child by enhancing the element earth.

Wishing you Double Happiness this mum's day and with your children always!


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