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Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's the Big Night In... Earth Hour on Saturday

2 days to go! Are you planning a candlelight supper at 8.30pm your local time on Saturday night?

Last year in Qatar we had so many ideas! Things to do in the dark...

Guess what? The beautiful Isle of Man is switching off the lights this year on Saturday night... goes to show we are all loving our earth more and more every year.

See you ;) in the dark on Saturday night!


zooms said...

Hi Samantha, thanks for the Earth Hour reminder which we did observe, although Trevor took some persuading (I am sure that we were the only ones in the village to turn off our lights and switch to candles.) his reluctance being based on the fact that everyone would think we couldn't pay our electricity bill and that we had been cut off. ........

Samantha Honey said...

too funny! well done you xxx