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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What does your breakfast say about you?

What does your breakfast say about you...

And help create in your day?

Yang choices include eggs, spicy foods, breakfast meats, smoked salmon, coffee, hot cereals, citrus fruits...
Yin choices include teas, juices, dried fruits and jams, fruit toast, yoghurt, smoothies, pastries, cakes & croissants, cinnamon...

Craving Yin in the morning can indicate a desire to increase the comfort, love and understanding we receive in our life.

Craving Yang can mean we're looking for a day of excitement, new opportunity and insight.

interesting, isn't it?


Sabrina said...

Hi Samantha,
(^_^)Nice, Im always trying to understand things in a yin and yang way from ime to time, its interesting because my breakfast choices are mostly yin, for a while now the only yin thing I have int he morning is coffee...

thanks for sharing.... ^_^

Samantha Honey said...

Sabrina, i loved your blog's recent Haikus and also notes about solitude. It seems we tread the same path. Blessings!