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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wonderful ways with cork

Earth hour got me wanting to think of new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle.
Not so much at the moment, but some times past... like when the nights are long and frosty and the days dull on the Isle, i've really wanted to find some useful way with the wine corks that seem to multiply magically on the kitchen bench...
I read (somewhere) a while ago the cork tree was endangered- have you heard that too? Hence the swap by the industry to those plastic stoppers, and now, screw tops for wine. And then I read that the reduction in the production of real corks had left villages who solely depended on it without income.
And are bottles of wine a responsible choice for our environment in the first place? Perhaps do away with bottles completely; and choose casks made with recycled cardboard. Better yet to only drink bio-organic wine, and refill containers direct from the vineyard. And we shouldn't fly there to refill, or even drive, with the emissions we'll be responsible for. There's only one solution I can see. Let's plant some vines of our own.
While we wait for these to grow, there's still the dilemma of what to do with all these rioja and champagne corks.

Before you suggest i might like to make a hat to keep the flies away like a true Aussie, enjoy these pictures instead...

And if you want more inspiration on how to enhance your eco-style by incorporating cork into your building, you'll enjoy the post here at {this is glamorous}
(The POP! board above is my favourite. what's yours?)
pics from the lovely Terramia

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