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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Feng Shui Nightmare, revisited

Oh dear, oh dear, a new feng shui nightmare. We’ve got a brand new bug-zapper in our relationship corner.

Do you notice that when you’re making progress in any area, something can come out of the blue to test your new resolve? It can often happen around the time of the full moon, as this has. So much lovely feng shui progress has come on at late at Feng Shui By The Sea HQ- all the herbs are growing up marvellously, we’ve had a second blooming of the sweetest smelling roses and I‘ve written before about the new feng shui mirror that hangs in the South. It was becoming that the warm fuzzy home feeling wouldn’t even leave me when I looked at the Ducati 1098s in the dining room…

However, the universe threw a curve ball last night. Husby dug his heels in about the amount of insect life being attracted inside due to the warmer weather and my aversion to fly spray. So he’s erected a large electric-blue-lit, buzzing bug zapper in our relationship area, the kitchen in this home. When a bug enters, it’s instantly killed with an almighty "crack!” In case you need further convincing, here are the reasons it’s bad feng shui:

1. Full of buzzing electricity, with a bright blue florescent bulb
2. It’s made of metal in an Earth area
3. It attracts, then kills, living things
4. I hate it. (Remember, anything you don't feel comfortable with in your home, can't be attracting positive energy to you.)

It was instant loss of positive chi. We had a great big fat fight and though didn’t go to sleep angry there’s a tension that just wasn’t present before my new “present” entered the home. I have to tell you I don’t have the feng shui cure yet. It can’t be relocated to another, more practical spot. It cant be covered, or combated by plant placement (if I put plants around it, more bugs will be attracted, and more killing ensue). I appreciate that Husby wants to keep our home free from pests and it’s not a pesticide. But it will continue to mean, from now on, no good energy circulating in our relationship area, and a gradual deterioration of our partnership chi.

One thing is certain. Our biggest challenges are our biggest opportunities. This challenge is a call from the Universe to step up, and take progess to an even greater level.

So, what to do? Do I make peace by agreeing with Husby that the bug zapper is a practical and conveniently located appliance; thereby making my relationship good seemingly… but allowing something that will create the relationship’s slow death, without doubt? Or do I do something I’ve never done before- ask him to change a clear preference he has, for feng shui reasons, and to please get rid of it, not just for me, but for us? Feng Shui here just happens around Husby, you see, things positioned correctly, enhancements brought in and put in place, and til now he's been saying "Nice decor, sweetie!" & basking in the benefits. :))

(FYI- I’m not gonna break the bug-zapper on purpose. Great idea- but bad, bad karma.)

A beautiful affirmation on my bathroom mirror reminds me daily, “I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.” This non-interference underpins my life. Is it compatible with what I know to be true in feng shui?

There is a fourth option- a path of no resistance. Byron Katie would call it “Loving what is.” ie. The bug zapper is here. It’s not good for our relationship. Accept that this obstacle exists. Love what is.

What would you do?

“What we resist, persists. What we turn to embrace, either becomes part of us, or dissolves into nothing.”

Until the answer becomes clear, I am going to put my knowledge of the Law of Attraction into action around the matter. I'm going to raise my vibration in an attempt to match the energy of having a home I’m completely comfortable to be in, and a wonderful love relationship. To do this, I am going to give thanks in advance for the easy and beautiful way my home is pest-free. I am going to give thanks in advance for a relationship wherein we cherish the beliefs of each other. I’m going to really feel in my body that “All is well. I am safe,” and, “My home is a happy and comfortable space to be”. Because like energy attracts like energy. When I’m feeling good, I can’t help but attract good. Let’s see what this creates.

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