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Monday, March 17, 2008

Backyard Feng Shui

Get a Feng Shui Garden in 4 Simple Steps- by Samantha Honey- click here:

feng shui tip of the day- The Feng Shui clothes-line

Call me patriotic, but as I stood out at my clothlesline this evening, gazing as a red sun set on the Arabian peninsula, I felt the heart-twinge for a Hills Hoist and true blue sky dotted with cotton-wool blobs of cloud.

And I remembered an interesting feng shui story, which prompts me to ask you this question:
what outlook do you have from your clothesline?

A client of mine had always wanted to travel, and there was nothing wrong with her Helpful Friends & Travel Sector, the North West. People were always visiting her from overseas, and she always found herself at Tullamarine doing the "send-off".

In consultation, I began to discover that her mind loved to wander when she was outdoors, and she often daydreamed of travelling. With her busy lifestyle sometimes the only moments she got outside were to hang the clothes on the line. And to do this, she faced a brick wall that was a blight to her garden. Daydreaming actually creates our new future if we do it in a positive state of mind, according to the Law of Attraction, so I encouraged her to change the direction of her clothes line and, on the wall, encourage a pretty creeper insted.

Now she looks into the big blue without any thoughts of negativity about the wall crowding her mind when she hangs the clothes on the line, and has just booked her first overseas trip in ten years. It's a small island holiday...

If you consider the position and outlook of your own clothesline, you'll know whether you need to change your outlook, or not- I guarantee it. Go- take a look now!

Love n Blessings on your path!


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