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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Things to Do in the Dark

Earth hour or anytime we feel like switching off, here are three activities that don't need power to infuse us with positive energy.

1. Light a candle, and ignite the forces of attraction in your own life, by making a feng shui wish list.

Here's a question for you. If this was a year from today's date, and you've just had the most successful year of your life, what's different?

Take a chance to imagine what's changed in the areas of your life that would make a big difference... what's happened to your health? What's happened to your love life? to your relationships with family? to your friendships? in your career?

Feel free to imagine the happiest, most in-love-with-life version of you, you can. When you first IDENTIFY, and then, WRITE DOWN your prediction of what's changed, such as, "I've met someone really special and we're living in a beautiful home together", you'll be sending a powerful message to the universe that this is what you'd like to order, and forces will begin moving you towards your vision.
The Law of Attraction, in action.

2. DIY Flames of the Forest

Isn't this picture amazing? it's from the website Here's a description of what it's about:
Light the flame of the forest...beneath the canopy of the oldest rainforest in the world...feel the wonder of this legendary place and explore the mysteries of time and culture in the spell binding candlelit drama that is the enchanted forest. Your evening includes champagne and canap├ęs on arrival, Aboriginal cultural performance with didgeridoo and story telling, three course banquet with Australian wines and beers...

Wow! This experience alone puts Tropical North Queensland on my hot list of places to visit in 2008!

In the dark, in the rainforest or the desert, it's easy to create our own magical experience:

Place a few tea-lights in jars, and set cushions outside around in a circle.

A platter of scrumptious snacks in the centre and good company to share it with completes the setting for an evening of story-telling and speculation.

If you're going to host this sort of pow-wow, here are 2 great hints from my experience in creating Feng Shui Ceremonies:

  • Should your SO or visitors complain about their flagging eyesight and need for stronger light, solve the problem by challenging them to a blindfold and taste test.

  • Use the Native American tradition of the "talking stick" to makes sure one person doesn't hog the story-telling circle. You'll need a nice stick or another object, which is passed around the circle from person to person. Only the one holding the Talking Stick is permitted to share their story!

Or, 3. Get Wet.
"Floating is a wonderful way of attaining the deepest relaxation - it has been said that just one hour of floating can have the effect of four hours of deep sleep."- source: London Float Centre
Admittedly, if your bath's like mine, it may not be quite big enough for the perfect floatation experience (oh! must remind myself to find the soap and the bathplug before switching off the lights tonight!) but being in water in the dark... or under the stars... is a truly peace-inducing activity.

Don't light candles- the water and fire elements create an energy imbalance that won't help you fully relax. Instead, let your senses be caressed by the feel of the water against your skin and it's gentle noise filling the room.

Saving water? Two in the bath's double the fun, no?

It's my intention you'll be happy today, creating your own memorable and exciting Earth hour. I'd love to know what you did- leave a comment below!



*Earth Hour-remember to turn lights and all non-essential appliances off- tonight, Saturday March 29 at 8pm for one hour in a massive world-wide action to promote environmental awareness.

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