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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What It Costs

feng shui thought of the day

I love this thought. It's a wonderfully memorable
saying we can use whenever we're faced with a life dilemma.

"It's easy to say No when there's a bigger Yes you're aiming for"

So, next time you're tempted... be it by a second
dip at the chocolate fountain, a gorgeous new pair of shoes, or company
overtime- quickly ask yourself- what's my bigger
What are you really aiming for? Dropping a dress size
this year? Saving for your next property? Spending quality time with
your husband, or kids? You won't need motivation
anymore. All you'll feel is self pride, and no regrets, as you move closer
to what you truly desire!

Feng Shui By The Sea in the Gulf consultation fees start from 400QAR an hour.
This includes:
Home & Business Consultations;
Consultations by Email
Chat through Skype for a personal reading or feng shui dilemma
Procurement of feng shui enhancements for your space.

All our feng shui consultations come complete with a personal report for your future reference and yearly refresher at each turn of Chinese New Year.

In consultation, I use the schools of form & compass and flying star feng shui, combined with four pillars and Black Hat for individual cures to your particular life situation. In this blog you'll find easily-implemented enhancements which usually access the universal Bagua technique of feng shui...

So, if you're looking to create your dream oasis in the desert, feel free to get in touch.
Call me with any questions or to book, on (+974) 5044768.

And- send me your questions to answer here, without charge, now: What one thing would make the world of difference in your life, if it was to change, right now?

Feng Shui WILL help.

Blessings on your path!


using the Law of Attraction and feng shui to re-create our life anew.

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