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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beautiful Friends

We have just spent the most lovely four days with some incredible friends. Aren't nice people a treasure to know? Husby and I have been on a high since they've left, excitedly chatting about the new memories we've made and happy times we want to create again.

Here are a few feng shui adjustments in the home I attribute to the re-entry, and pleasureable time we've just enjoyed:

Indoors, in the last week I've placed:
  1. A tall glass vase of fresh flowers- eucalypt, tiger lilies and fern
  2. A gorgeous peace lily, which grows out of my shiny metal Moet & Chandon wine bucket

Outdoors, in the last week I've placed:
  1. Our darling Banana plant, repotted in a solid, shiny terracotta pot
  2. The resurgence- yes, they're alive!- of my basil and parsley seeds, as they sprout in my kitchen garden in this corner
These enhancements have all been added to my Helpful friends & Travel area, the North West, either by the compass, or closest right hand corner to the front door of the home.

Yes- Husby is a lovely person to have made these friends in the first place, and,
Yes- they were coming to visit anyway,
I never expected to have such a wonderful time, and we have never felt so relaxed enjoying their good company before. This is the enjoyment of good feng shui.

Enjoy creating yours, too- I'd love to hear about your experiments and results- so leave your comments below!!




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