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Monday, March 31, 2008

Kitchen Predictions

Some places relax and soothe us, and we enjoy every moment we're there.

... maybe like this gorgeous kitchen, a pic spied at Absolutely Beautiful Things?

Let's find out!

Feng Shui Predicts:

  1. The colour. Blue, white and yellow are the three colours that invite angelic blessing. This kitchen, if it was located in the west or north west, would bring happy entertaining opportunities and create strong female friendships.

  2. Tempering the strong metallic energy with the element wood.... the bamboo blind, the bowl of lemons and wooden materials both invite healthy wood chi into the room, great for abundance, prosperity, growth and a vibrant lifestyle.

  3. There's a lack of clutter, but the kitchen's not lifeless. Small accessories invite positive chi to linger longer and make a clean and clear space a warmer place to be. Ditto the abundance of natural light- brings a smile to our hearts and invites the outside in- welcoming positive new experiences and interactions.
  1. Island benches create negativity in the kitchen if the sink is in the centre of the room. The element water drains Earth energy, which is vital in a kitchen, as it's usually the hub of family health and stability.

  2. Bodies perched on the stools are in the direct line of fast-moving chi from the doorway to the room. This, combined with their lack of leg room would make for uncomfy dining and irritable dinner conversation or digestion over time.

A good Feng Shui Kitchen for entertaining and chatting. I'd advise everyone move into the dining room to eat, and 3 small earthenware pots or pile of river rocks placed to make a pretty display next to the sink, powering up the energy earth. Whenever possible, keep the plug in, and hang a clear quartz crystal from the window to further encourage laughter & joyful interactions.

Happy day filled with positive energy to you!



Thought of the day:
When you're just burning with curiousity to peek into your own future, visit for a wonderful prediction by Alison Day.
I suggest using the Tarot to indicate which areas of our life may be changing... with this information, we can focus on what we'd love to see unfolding- talking about it, imagining it, journalling about how wonderful the changes will be... thereby creating the best possible future unfolding for ourselves by harnessing the Law of Attraction.

What we focus on, grows!

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