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Friday, March 14, 2008

Celebrating Spring!

First day of frizzy hair. Real heat’s on its way. Here at Feng Shui by the Sea in the Gulf hq, there are two springtime plans cookin’...

1. The Evening Sky- Inside, at the top of our villa, the roof is dome-shaped, just begging for a feng shui trompe l’oeil. The moon holds such powerful symbolism to the Arabs and personally, with results to show for the powerful knowledge of planting, and creating energy rituals by the moon. The roof of a home represents the North in feng shui, and the dark blue velvet colour of an Arabian sky, filled with sparkling stars, a crescent moon and a shooting comet or two is powerful symbolism for your chosen profession, saying, “The Sky’s the Limit!”

2. The Arboretum- An arboretum is "a place where trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes." And there’s going to be one under our stairs! We’ll grow sage, for space clearing, plus keep all the feng shui indoor plants. Here’s a list:

• Chinese money plant- the jade, it’s a powerful wealth symbol
• Peace lilies, which absorb toxicity and electromagnetic radiation (EMR)
• Date palms, which absorb xylene,which can be omitted by some art supplies and petroleum storage
• Ficus plants- absorb formaldehyde, which all interior surfaces and industrial areas omit, they’re especially good in offices.
• English Ivy- thrives in a spot of high earth radiation and a good absorber of EMR
• Bamboo, for it’s symbolism of longevity, abundance, good health and heavenly support.
• The Banana plant- absorbs Sha Chi, or “poison arrows”
• Baby’s tears, aka Irish Moss, an excellent decharger, and you’ll feel your tension dissipate as you hold your hads over it’s soft leaves.

Oh, it will be lovely. Blessings to you if you’re inspired to create your own! Have you been inspired… or driven to, quite literally?

The Aboretum in this villa’s become a necessity due to the Feng Shui Nightmare that arrived last night…

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