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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beautify your home for Weight-loss

Have you been drawn to Marianne Williamson's newest book, "A Course in Weight-Loss"? 

I am making my way, delicate bite by bite, through it-  it's deep reading, often throwing up a mirror to parts of oneself not often looked at, and that's why I was so delighted to find and to share with you a wonderful article here which interviewed Marianne in her sacred home in LA, and put into chewable chunks some of the wonderful points her book enlightens us on.

From it, I've pulled 3 questions we can all ask ourselves to uncover where our weight-loss efforts may be being self-sabotaged.  Read on- do any resonate with you?

1.  Do you have a space in your home dedicated to self-love?                                                                                                        "As Williamson writes, "Darn right you're hungry, but not for food."  Think of all the time spent idling in the kitchen with nervous energy, browsing through the refrigerator. Why not replace that ritual by visiting a space devoted to self-love? With an altar devoted to love and comfort, you have a place to reflect and address your emotions, rather than quiet them by overeating.

It's almost like replacing comfort food with comfort objects -- looking to an inherited lamp or plate, rather than a recipe, to remind you that you're not alone..."

2.  Does the food you choose, reflect the inner beauty that is You?                                                                                           "Beauty in food is no different than beauty on my coffee table," says Williamson. 
"A lot of these unhealthy, chemically-processed foods, they're not beautiful," she says. "The packaging might be beautiful, 
but when you think about what's in them and how they affect your body... there's no beauty there." going on to say-

"I am as endangered by the presence of too many carbs and chemically-processed foods as anyone," she says. So she's careful to keep these items out of sight and out of mind."

3.  How valuable is this mouthful to you?
"There were times in my life when I would look at some food in my home and say 'I can't throw it out, someone spent good money on that!' But if its really bad for you, the idea that there's something good in indulging in it -- it's kind of insane thinking," she says. "Yes, someone may have paid a lot for those sweets. But, well, you're going to pay a lot if you indulge. You pay with your health."
While going through the contents of your refrigerator or cabinets, ask yourself Williamson's question: "Was buying this an act of self love?" If the answer is no, you know where to throw it."


Picture above from shelterpop.  Top picture from Paris Apartment.  Words under the questions, by Amy Preiser

Pretty... but hardly helpful for willpower!  Body's cravings are strong and natural desires, but can be
minimised by keeping carbohydrate-loaded foods out of sight & mind.

This week, consider for yourself...
1.  Do you have a space in your home dedicated to self-love? 
2.  Does the food you choose, reflect the inner beauty that is You?
3.  How valuable is this mouthful to you?

You can find Marianne Williamson's A course in Weight-loss, on her website, here.

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