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Friday, July 22, 2011

know what I'm talking about? Eat Yourself Sexy!

YUM! IIN grad and Aussie Media star Sarah Wilson dishes it up with a show inspired by the essence of Health Coaching:

On her own blog, Sarah reveals how Eat Yourself Sexy is a nutrition makeover show, made with REAL Australian women, about a size 14-16 (ie, 8-10 US) who have real lives with real kids, real jobs, and real food in their real home environment. Whats more, they eat a healthy 1600- 2000 cals a day, lose weight and find themselves feeling better than EVER before!

Sound familiar? You bet'cha! The simple and Real techniques Eat Yourself Sexy is based on are the foundations of our learning at IIN and the core principles we as Health Coaches train clients to integrate.

Would you like to East Yourself Sexy?
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PS Hats off to the inspiring Sarah Wilson- please, drop by her site for gracious, sane and entertaining advice. She's especially invaluable to anyone suffering an Autoimmune disease. Great work, Sarah!

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