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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's ban this word: CARBS

Bit of a red-cape moment here- meaning, rallying against something to achieve an outcome.  The Law of Attraction tells us that through angst, comes clarity.  Through loss, lack or frustration, we are aware of what we truly want.  So here's me streaming to clarity, from frustration, for the people I've met who are frightened and misinformed about one little word, "Carbs".

1.  There is no such word as "Carbs".  Carbs is a made up, scare-mongering media/sales-oriented word that places everything from carrots and corn to potatoes and pasta, rice, bread, bagels, cookies, ice-cream, spaghetti bolognese, lamb roast all in the same basket.  Why, just today, different clients have told me that 1. steak, and, 2.  salad  (mostly, lettuce and avocado), are big "carb" foods!  It seems the word "Carbs" is given to just about any food the media touts as "Unhealthy"!

2.  Just a reminder.  All foods contain carbohydrate.  Carbohydrate is the fuel our bodies and especially our brain works best at running on.

3.  If you want to Be smart.  Be fast.  Be funny.  You'll need carbohydrates.  And you certainly want to make good decisions on the types of carbohydrates you choose.  

Carbohydrates are sugar.  It's true.  But there's so many types- lactose, from dairy;  fructose, from fruit; cellulose, from fibre.. the list goes on.  And the body metabolises each of these differently.  Some assist weight gain; whilst others can promote weight loss.

  If you want to be well informed with which choice of carbohydrates will make your body look and feel great, here's a longer explanation ; and print yourself out a copy of the GI index!  If you are confused about the C word, it can help navigate your way through.

Vegetables and meat contain very little carbohydrate but fibre and protein, which positively affects the body's absorption of the sugars they do contain.To say a vegetable is a carbohydrate is like saying an egg is a chicken.  There are components of similarity; but it's in no way an accurate or healthy understanding.

I hope the links above can help detox your world from that dreaded word! I've got lots more to share with you on healthy ways to achieve your body goals!  Please email me for a free initial health coaching session.

"Eat food.  Not too much. Mostly plants."  -Michael Pollan

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