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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A thought for the beach...

"I have learned that sometimes when we feel depleted, being all alone with nature is one of our spirit's very best therapies. Be sure to go barefoot, and let your feet feel the earth ... get back in touch with the "source" by actually feeling it with your skin. Native American faith teaches us that the invention of shoes and chairs was the first barrier between us and nature that separated man's spirit from the earth and when we experience the feeling of our bare skin on the ground it has enormous power to heal us. So if you head to the beach today, be sure to let the warm sand and the sound of the ocean work their amazing magic." - Cindy Williams

Thankyou Cindy!  Find Cindy Williams, Health Coach, in Tucson, Arizona, on Facebook...

What beauty and bounty would you like to reclaim for yourself by reconnecting with source today?

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