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Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome, July! with the Superhero Walk

I'll never forget my first experience of the Superhero Walk as a awe-inspired witness and participant at one of Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within weekends in Sydney.  I'm going to share this great technique with you in a moment, because it is an AMAZING way to start your day... so what better way for YOU to start your July!

Isn't it amazing how when one GREAT thing happens to you, life spirals upwards?  Yesterday; life was charmed.  After a cuppa with an inspiring friend, I got a great phone call, a wolf-whistle walking down the street, half-price on fresh summer raspberries at the co-op, and arrived back home to a fragrant kitchen filled with the smell of a loving lunch made for me.  

If you want to start your life spiralling upwards right now, grab a moment now to do the Superhero Walk.  Stand up, shake your body.  Now imagine tied around your shoulders a magical superhero cape- YOURS.  This cape turns you into the best version of unstoppable, uninvincible you.  Take a moment now to feel the weight of it... get a sense of the fabric, the colour, the sound of it swishing about your back; the magic it fills you with.  Feel the inspiration, ideas, charm, and power!  Now, walk with your cape.  Only... you won't be walking.  You'll be striding, strutting, gliding, parading.  Really sink the feeling of power and purpose deep inside, as you become the persona of your own Superhero.

TRY it now.  You'll be amazed how this one great thing... sends your life spiralling upwards.  Also, it's a brand new moon- start your new habit of feeling great everyday, today!

Happy July!  May it be an amazing month of personal power, health and happiness for you!

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