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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Proud of my British Fruit Loop

Happy Sunday, beautifuls!  We are getting ready for a traditional British lunch at the home of Lady Elegant & Mr Pour-the-Wine, Would You Dear?  Husby is so excited he already has his best shirt on, even though he must finish 2 handy-jobs before we stroll to the home of our hosts.  My husband loves Lady Elegant's trifle and has not tasted it in 2 years as both parties travel so much.

I posted the picture above because I'm incredibly proud of Husby at this time.  He's truly become a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios.  For a month or more now; for breakfast and for snacks, he's choosing fresh fruit and natural yoghurt + raw nuts.  Cutting down on sugar, shunning processed foods in favour of our favourite lunch- bean sprouts dressed in sesame and soy and more green veg than you can fit in a bowl.  Committed to supplements and knowledgeable about the benefits they are offering him.  Together I am loving so much the time we spend exercising together and his passion for fresh, natural, local and organic! 

Just this week we got a result back from the hospital that shows a 21% improvement for him- 12 months ago, it was below par by 4%; now, he's better than the average by a huge margin of 11%!! 

We are so excited and I am very proud.  Alot of his lifestyle improvements have followed my own, inspired by  my studies at IIN and I can't recommend the school highly enough to people committed to a career in health.

Husby is still salivating over Lady Elegant's trifle... not long now...
Her own husband is diabetic and well with it; I'm sure our lovely hostess has some healthy eating tips herself up her sleeves.  Stay tuned!

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