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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Healthy Hair- naturally

hi beautifuls!  I wanted to share with you a healthy tip that has made SUCH a difference to my life.  You see, I've often suffered a flakey scalp as I tend to scratch my head when I'm perplexed!  It sounds trivial but can result in major snowiness, embarrassment and discomfort...

As antidandruff shampoos are SO unhealthy, and often dangerous, I tried tea-tree varieties; hairdresser-prescribed hair washes (Keratase);  a non-chemical scalp-rub; and the home-remedies of a hair-mask of olive oil, and rinsing with apple cider vinegar.  I also upped my intake of EFAs in the form of a fish oil supplement and women's multi-vitamin ~ feeling great.  

But... although I'm sure none of these remedies harmed the condition, it didn't improve.  I am lucky to have straight, fine hair and alot of it!  And I wanted this embarrassing problem AWAY!

Solution:  massage flaxseed oil into your hair before washing it your regular way.  This morning, after a first treatment, I am amazed that there are zero flakes, revealing slightly pink splotches on my scalp.  But, must repeat here: No flakes.  And No itchiness!

If any of you have suffered as I have, I do urge you to try flaxseed oil.  I wish you happy, healthy hair- naturally.  

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