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Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer by the Sea 1 ~recipe

We are so lucky to live by the ocean and these pale summery days are perfect for finding new picnic places around the cliffs and on the shore by the Bay.  Husby, when he's not in a helicopter, is enjoying a new hobby: fishing.  Yesterday he caught mackerel.  Poor darlings!

adapted from Channel 4's cook it!
But oh- how deiciously yum they were, simply grilled back at home after D'd taken the insides out, and I rubbed them with butter and salt.

I'd never buy mackerel by choice really; am I a fish snob?  It's not really an elegant fish:  quite small, boney, with a strip of dark meat running through which is stronger tasting than the delicious white meat- but it's nutritious and environmental qualities are outstanding.  Rich in Essential Fatty Acids; an excellent source of protein, of course; a sustainable fish caught locally... and it is always such an adventure to cook & eat something you've caught yourself- from blackberries to fish!  

Been fishin'?  Do try this delicious simple recipe, 
Griddled Mackerel with Fennel.

1 mackerel per person, gutted and filleted (so easy to do yourself!)
1 small bunch fat leaf parsley, finely chopped
1 fennel
Juice of half a lemon, the other half cut into wedges to squeeze over the fish
2 garlic cloves, mashed with salt
Butter (optional)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

How to...
  • In a glass bowl, mix by hand the parsley, juice of half a lemon and mashed garlic.  (Now you've got "gremolata"- an italian herb combination deliciously zesty which freshens up any rich dish!)
  • Rub the fish with butter and sprinkle with sat.
  • Heat a griddle pan, or (as I do) a george foreman/electric grill, on high for half a minute.  Sprinkle the pan or griddle with olive oil, add the fennel and grill until soft and juicy, about 1 min.  Remove and set aside.
  • Add the fish to the pan or gril and cook for 3 minutes or until fish softly flakes when poked by a fork.
  • Serve the mackerel atop the fennel, sprinkled with the gremoata (parsley mix).  

Roast sweet potatoes and onions are a lovely accompaniment- recipe for Gorgeous Sweet potato wedges here

 Maybe you've done it before, but it is really a new experience to have pulled abundance straight from the sea for our dinner!  I wish you a beautifully healthy & abundant end of August.

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