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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weight-loss Wednesday! this week's whisper

Good morning beautifuls!  This weeks whisper isn't rocket science- when are they ever?- but it will stop self-sabotage, enhance your confidence and give you amazing control and resistance regarding your food choices.  Over time, you'll become so attuned to enjoying great diet choices by incorporating this whisper into your life that you will have already become what you just ow refer to as a "Naturally Slim Person".

Does this sound familiar... A lovely client of mine yesterday sheepishly admitted she hadn't had the best week with healthy food.  She'd run out of fruit one breakfast, and chose a cereal she didn't really want to eat.  She was feeling stressed when attending a child's birthday party, ate too much cake... then was so tired one evening after a busy day, ordered in a less-than-health takeaway for the family.

The weight-loss whisper that will come to her assistance, and yours, is this.  In two words.  Be prepared.  Or in 5 words: Make time to be prepared

Supplies run out.  Time runs away.  Your health needs scheduling.  Healthy shopping needs scheduling.  You need support with this too- husband can stop by the fruit market on his way home from work... who can help you so you always have enough to make healthy choices?

Treats and indulgences are fun and enjoyable with food.  So, let's make them a deliberate choice- when they will leave you feeling uplifted and abundant- instead of depleted and let down.
You owe it to yourself to be organised, healthy and happy.  You can do it.  You're brave enough and smart enough.  I believe in you!  Enjoy making time to be prepared, this week.

Be Well,
with love,

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