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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Share~ A perfectly simple summer lunch

Happy Weekend, friends!  Many of you are excitedly counting down the days til you're in your favourite holiday place- or have you just arrived?  I wish you beautiful summer vacances, filled with lots of space for dreaming, walks on the beach or anywhere really, in refreshing morning air, and the feeling of hot sunshine on your body...
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(... and remember to pick them up and pop them in your pocket...)

The pretty photos here are from gorgeous website and blog- {this is glamorous}- my very favourite place on the web, a magical treat of a space; like a haunting song or a mysterious portrait that one can only listen or look at for so long without being spoilt forever.  I go there often but don't linger too long, lest the beauty of that world ruins me forever in this one...   if you have a moment to dedicate to impossible glamour left in your summer, do treat yourself!

Share our Sunday lunch today?   I hope you can use it's delicious-ness on your holidays as an easy, filling yet healthy meal for kiddies, menfolk and we who dream of the glamorous life, alike.

It's the simple Omelette.
via {this is glamorous}

Ever notice that most perfect things, are simple?  The perfect aperitif: Champagne.  The perfect treat: A bowl of strawberries.  The perfect answer to any problem: A hug.

How to make the perfect omelette

  • In a glass bowl beat three eggs with a fork.  You can add salt and pepper here if you like.
  • Heat a pan on high for up to a minute then add a dollop of butter.  Now pour in the eggs, whilst shaking the pan.  Still shaking the pan, fluff the top of the omelette with a fork or chopsticks.  This ensures light-ness and an even consistency. 
  • Before the eggs are set is the time to add cheese; fresh chopped soft fruit; tomatoes, torn basil and onion; or meats, as to the eater's preference!
  • Slide the Omelette to the end of the pan where it should start to roll up.  If making for small children, pregnant ladies, the elderly or anyone with a comprised immune system, its better to wait to roll and slide out the omelette until there's no visible liquid on it's surface.

Who's next?  Making an omelette is a lovely way to involve everyone in the cooking of a simple, healthy meal and encourage bio-individuality.  Cooled, well done omelettes also make perfect picnic fodder!  Thank you for sharing!  Enjoy your lazy day!

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