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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get your Vitamin L here! (exciting guest post!)

Happy weekend, beautifuls!  It's my delicious joy to bring you a guest post here by one of the brightest well-beans on the web ~  the fabulous Erin from Well in LA

After reading her love list I'm sure you'll feel the Vitamin L oozing from her words and be inspired to make a LOVE list of your own!  Do check out her lovely links and sign up for your daily dose of Well- Erin's is a world of helping others bring out the best in themselves, and is always happy to share her cheery sunshine.  Over to you, Erin!

"Today’s post is brought to you by VITAMIN L! What is Vitamin L, you ask? Is it in my daily multi-vitamin? Can I buy it from my local health foods store? Or is it available next to the flax seed oil at the store? The answer is "no", but I hope it's a part of your daily intake! Vitamin L is necessary to survival – as necessary as air – we all need it to live, to thrive and be well. It's difficult to overdose on Vitamin L and there's no threshold for how much you should have daily. 

Vitamin L… is Love. I hope that each of you have love in your lives. Giving and receiving love. It is vital to our existence, our health and our futures. Celebrate the abundance of Vitamin L in your life! It spans continents, seas and the entire planet. Can you feel it? Better yet, can you acknowledge its sources in your life and how BLESSED you are to have it filling all the nooks and crannies of your being? 

I encourage you to take on a little exercise and make a list of the places you find and receive Vitamin L in your life. Write your VITAMIN L list in the comments below or share them on Facebook or Twitter - wherever you feel like sharing. Celebrate all the love you have in your life and the things that bring you joy!

To get this party started, I'm sharing my LOVE list: 
  • The first and last strawberries of the season, so I can make my favorite treat (hence the photos!) 
  • Connecting with old friends and making new ones (like the incredible Samantha!!)
  • Long phone conversations with my parents
  • Beaches, Oceans & bodies of water 
  • Learning, learning, learning & reading, reading, reading 

  • Fresh fruits & veggies that nourish my body and soul  
  • Movement, yoga and riding a bicycle vs. driving my car 
  • Watching a movie or play that draws you in and makes you forget where you are  
  • My person, my partner and one of my best friends – life with you is amazing  
  • Humanity and kindness applied  
  • My niece – I know she's going to be incredible in every way  
  • My family, my extended family and friends who have become family to me  
  • Sunshine, except for a few glorious rainy days 
  • A glass of wine  
  • Laughter  
  • Music  
  • Sharing my passion for life as a wellness coach and making it my career!

Thank you so much, Erin, for your inspiration!  
LOVE your love list!

What's on your love list this weekend?
Share with us on facebook:  Erin at Well in LA
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