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Friday, October 28, 2011

Terracotta pizza vs. ...

Last night we were on a mission to test Jamie Oliver.

As a long-time purveyor of pizzas-from-scratch; I needed to test that the terracotta pizza dish from Jamie's homewares line, Jamie at Home, could become the new cooking and serving plate of choice (because no matter how delicious, a black tin fresh and smokin'from the oven just doesn't serve up pretty.)

Before the girls arrived, I prepped two fresh pizzas. Toppings of homemade tomato passata, sliced green pepper and chorizo; just like Guiseppe at Brindisi of Stirling taught my husband, and husband taught me (don't worry! I streeeetched out the learning process! YUM.) ... topped with a mixture of cheddar + mozzarella, doused in fresh black pepper and drizzled with our own chilli oil.

It's not warm here, so both rested on the bench for about half an hour while we warmed into the Jamie party, ooohed and ahhed over the goodies, and gossiped about his cooking. 
I explained the challenge, then at 220C for 16 minutes into the oven the pizzas went. Terracotta plate on top shelf... I somehow felt I had to give it a hand!

When the pizzas came out we poured another glass of wine each, and speculated for another ten minutes before the final test!

QU's for YOU:

  1. Did the pizza cooked in the terracotta Jamie dish brown on the underside at all?
  2. Which pizza was crispier/drier at the sides?
  3. Which seemed to have more moisture evaporated?
  4. Which was tastier?
  5. Which would make a gorgeous dish to make or bring; armed only with your Jamie Oliver pizza wheel & spatula, no extra serving dish required?

To find the answers, have a Jamie Party on the Isle of Man!!! only kidding!; you just do that to get the recipe :) (email me here)

So, honestly.if you aswered:

  1. Yes- slightly
  2. The pizza cooked in the tin
  3. The pizza cooked in the tin
  4. Equally tasty
  5. The Jamie Oliver terracotta dish- so stylish, definitely deserves a gorgeous pizza wheel on it's arm!

then you really and truly didn't need to read this- except- did you know- Jamie Oliver has a tin pizza tray in his homewares selection as well! can't wait for the next test!

In sum, even though I am a Jamie at Home consultant; I was initially skeptical.  But the beautiful way the terracotta presents really did take the cake- ahem, pizza- over the tin.

as a little tip, for a browned base all the way through,  I'll make the terracotta plate REALLY hot in the heated oven first before gently placing my pre-prepared pizza on it, next time.

Loving the recipes in Jamie's Great Britain- new number 1 bestseller (interesting review here) if you believe I can give you a copy at £24 off the rrp... please get in touch or leave a comment below!

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