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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simply delicious. for when the nights & purse-strings draw in...

hello beautiful health angels... do you love, as I do, to pounce on the pulses as the nights draw in?

Isn't life's tapestry so beautiful, as it weaves itself?  This morning husby & I focused on our household spendings, and were shocked by our cost of living.  We don't consider ourselves to live luxuriously; our usual treats are dinner out once a week; a couple of meals here at home when we spoil each other by cooking with the finest ingredients and match it with a lovely wine; a weekend away every season.  We live very well- feel super blessed!-, but hardly living it large...

Still, we were not pleasantly surprised at the cost!  And so we have decided to have a simple season here on our cold British Isle.  And so to lunch... where we discovered, quite by accident, en route to a split pea soup with leftover ham, the most delicious dish that's going to be one of my autumn and winter staples.  Check out the vital statistics and tell me if you're not in love, too!
  • Can feed a family of four for under £3.  
  • Vegetarian & deliciously balanced in proteins, 
  • Filling and wholesome 
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Ready in just over half an hour (you don't even have to stand watching it!) 
  • Prepared in 3 steps
  • Uses 4 ingredients; and 1 of them is water

I like to call it Yellow Split Peas with Creme Fraiche.

It's not a soup.  It's what happens when you rinse and cover 2 cups of spilt Yellow Peas with cool water, bring to the boil then simmer for 20 minutes with a shake or two of salt.  Then add a cup more water, and simmer another 15 minutes.  The peas won't be mushy; still nicely formed; soft yet chewy.  A la risotto, all the water will have been absorbed. 

Scoop up a big bowlful each and add a dollop of creme fraiche.  If you like to get fancy, snip some chives or sprinkle a few fresh parsley leaves on top!; but you will not believe the simple sublime dish that is just a sunny bowl of split peas.

Did you know?  Eating an animal protein, such as cheese, yoghurt, eggs or milk, with legumes and pulses acts to "unlock" the essential amino acids the body cannot digest in pure vegetables alone, and so creates a complete protein.

And here's the price: 1 bag Dried yellow split peas from Waitrose  £1.49
Local creme frache  £1.62
salt & water... £0.20

warm fuzzies this Autumn to you!

What's your favourite low-cost, feel good feed?  Share your thoughts, below!

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