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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why exercise?

Happy Saturday, Beautifuls!  what's on your agenda this weekend?  What's on your must-do list?  Is exercise?

Lately I've become really passionate about exercise.  Surprise!  As a personal trainer, massage therapist & health coach I'm not always inspired, it's true!  Here are the top 4 things that dampen my desire to work out:
the weather.  Wind & rain, namely here.
high tide.  sounds crazy but most of my fitness involves the beach.  when I look out the window and there's hardly any sand; I delay and delay, not wanting to pound the pavement
"rest days".  Rest days are so important for hard trainers.  But a 20 minute run a day does not neccessarily entitle us to a rest day.  In my book.
Summer sun & crowds.  I know.  there I was just complaining about the rain (maybe I am truly turning British!)  But I hate dodging dogs on leads, kids with balls and teenagers licking icecreams, walking hand in hand.  Maybe that's a little bah-humbug- but it's just no fun for me.

What are your big exercise turn-offs?

Lucky no matter how many reasons I have NOT to exercise, I have a bigger YES inside of me.

I run for freedom.  
I exercise to be stronger, more agile, more aware.
I run to stay younger, longer
I run to read the weather, to look for changes in my environment, to feel the energy of the day.
I run because I can.  
And because I know too many people who can't.

I run because I love to eat "treat" foods, and I want to "keep" my figure (the figure exercise has given me!)
I run so I can always run.  
I cartwheel so I can always cartwheel.  
I want to bounce back from anything life's going to sling at me.  
I want to keep feeling good.

hardly scientific.
But that's why I exercise.

What's your excuse? :)

push past the pain.  inspire yourself.  even a little...

Oprah: Do you think you are stronger than you need to be?
Martha Stewart: I'm even physically stronger than I have to be.

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