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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Moon Cure for Prosperity

Tomorrow's a brand new moon! Are you ready to become a magnet to increased abundance?

28 days of performing an activity creates a habit, and there is no more powerful time to commence a positive new habit than the new moon.
The most powerful Prosperity ritual I have witnessed- and experienced- in the past two years is the Gratitude List. If you, or someone you love, seeks more abundance in their life or even just "enough to go round"; set them this task:

Every day, for 28 days ideally beginning tomorrow, Thursday April 3's new moon, write down ten things for which you are grateful for. These things can be as simple as for a restful nights sleep, or delicious cup of coffee. What we focus on, grows. The Gratitude list focuses our awareness of things in our life we are already blessed by, and so powerfully activates the law of attraction to draw more and more things to be grateful for into our lives.
It works, because, the law of attraction is a result of the law of focus. Whatever it is we're focusing on, as long as we're feeling an emotional match, we're drawing it into our lives. So besides the extra effective (and feng shui specific) ways we can super-charge this ritual, which I want to share with you in my newsletter- what do you think has to be a key factor in making your Gratitude List? Thats right- really feeling grateful. So instead of drumming it out like a grocery list, instead, describe the feeling of Gratitude you have, like this:
I'm so grateful when... I close my eyes at night and breathe in the smell of crisp sheets, and husby wraps his arms around me...
I'm happy and grateful when... I come downstairs in the morning and throw open the back door, and still-cool air and birdsong greets me...
How blessed am I??!!!

At the end of 28 days, you will look back with shock on all the new goodness you have attracted into your life. And I guarantee, you will be leading a more abundant life than you do at this moment in time.

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