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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bringing in the Baby Chi

Have opened this month's Red magazine UK (love it) and gobbled up the first article that appeared: 4 is the new 2. It 's about large families (think; the Jolie-Pitt brood) being life's great status-symbol; having 4+ children is uber-chic, once again.

What do you think?
The article conjured up, for me, beautiful images of big houses filled with mess, love and noise, the stomping of a dozen feet and always, somewhere, excited chatter and goings-on. In one of Nick Hornby's books (think it's High Fidelity) the main character, a single guy in his 30's, realises something in life is passing him by and he "wants to get more energy happening around here"...

As any parent will agree, having kids is one sure way to do that!

Do you want children, or more of them? Perhaps then, you'd like to join the 4+ club by using some feng shui tips for fertility. Here's a couple:

  • A statue of the goddess Kuan Yin (Buddhist goddess of women and compassion) placed in the West of the home to form a beautiful decorative corner or altar, is an excellent bringer of fertility, happiness and fulfillment to the women of the house. An image of any female deity or mother-figure can be used if you don't feel connected to Kuan Yin.
  • A pair of elephants placed in the bedroom symbolise pregnancy.
  • Pictures of, or fresh, fruit with seeds- such as passionfruit, pomegranates, stone fruit, watermelon, in the home are excellent symbology and enhance male fertility.

The west, in simple feng shui, is the middle of the left hand side of your home when looking in the front door. Make sure this area is well-ventilated and receives good natural light. If it doesn't, turn on a lamp or light a candle for at least a few hours a day; and place a few lovely things in this room so it's infused with positive, feel-good chi.

You'll also benefit from spending time around the energy of babies and young children, and placing adorable pictures of little people around you. Remember to get excited at the prospect of growing your family. Look forward to it as if it's already part of your destiny- no if's, god-willings, or buts!

blessings to you,


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