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Monday, September 1, 2008

Season's turn

Glanced out the window from my perch in Stirling, and the weathervane turned, slowly, eerily around... measuring the mood of this medieval town?

Or maybe, quietly confirming a change of season.

Is it Spring-time now for you?
Or has Ramadan changed your wind's direction this September 1?

Autumn's one of my favourite seasons for it's rich colours and beautiful smell in the air. And it's so particularly special on the British Isles...

But wherever you're reading this with me from, it's also past year's mid-point, when the ghosts of January 1st resolutions we so wanted to make happen begin to haunt us in the moments between lights-out and sleep.
"Where is the year going?" they sigh.

And they move us to action, as we realise- 4 months to go to change our life, mind, or world, for the better, and tick a dearly-held desire off our checklist; "Got It!"
before 2008 runs out.

pictures via flickr and Maeve Wren

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