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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feng Shui- This Single Life

delicious picture from Nectar & Light

Midnight cheese and crackers in bed reading chick-lit... Flirting with the postman... I'd forgotten the joys of living the feng shui life as a single girl.

Remember the buffer of time the Universe allows between when we express a desire and when it's delivered? Well, it appears that Husby and I were asking for very different things a few weeks ago. For, now, as he flies a beautiful huge helicopter between castles on the mainland, I am cosy on our little island, making feng shui goodies, sticky-beaking into the lives of exciting expat women's blogs - when I'm not doing the all important book-writing, of course (ahem).

I loved my time as a single girl, and I know lots of you do, too. In fact, if you've been without a partner for any length of time you probably have a few favourite habits you just wouldn't want to swap for sharing your life with a toenail clipping, prickly-faced individual who may hog the remote-control. Right?

"What we focus on, we get." Whatever vision we secretly harbour in our minds, is what shows up in our lives.

Today's not the day to explore this idea much further. I've got exciting news for you in my next post. But I wanted to share that as much as I'm enjoying my own company, I'm looking forward to waking up in the morning, cooking for and being brought coffee by, and sharing the mundane moments with my special man again. Being a Mrs, after 14 months, is part of my identity.

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