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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Introducing... Handmade by Feng Shui By The Sea

picture: Feng Shui By The Sea Wealth Stones add sparkle and interest to a special corner, and draw abundance and prosperity chi into your life.

Good afternoon!

I am so pleased and excited to announce to you that Feng Shui By The Sea now has it's very own shop,

Handmade by Feng Shui By The Sea.

Please stop by for a visit! It doesn't matter if you are in the Bahamas, Stockholm, Islamabad, Sydney, Birmingham, Den Hague, Suva, Caracas, Sacramento, Toronto, Nairobi or Boston (...okay, or anywhere else, it's just that I love using commas when excited)- all you need to do is click here!

And, like magic, 4 products that will bring you feng shui, and which are organic, fairly traded, handmade, pure, local, sustainable, indigenous, recycled, energy-efficient, natural, cruelty-free, consciously made and beautiful await your browsing.


You may get lost for a few hours. The shop is on Etsy, a website full of beautiful things home-spun by incredible creative people all over the world.

Thank you, and happy homemade shopping,


P.S. Subscribers receive an "Opening Special" coupon, valid until December 25, for Handmade by Feng Shui By The Sea. If you'd like one, you can join up for free in the box at the top left of this page.


feng shui said...

The blog looks very good and thank you for posting handmade items by feng shui by the sea.

Samantha Honey said...

Thankyou! So glad you like them! Please subscribe for my monthly newsletter so you get a gift voucher... I also like your blog on "How to ge out of debt with feng shui".
love and thanks xxx