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Saturday, September 27, 2008

HK for fun

Saw a cute article about a girly trip to Hong Kong and wanted to share it with you. A highlight is below!

Thinking about HK's wonderful nightlife, shopping, exciting vibration and delicious food- makes me want to hop on a plane this moment! Want to come, too?

"Looking down on the buildings and harbour below, I am struck by how attractive the city is. Could this be down to feng shui?

Vicky points out the Bank of China with its angular lines and describes how the surrounding buildings have used plants, reflective surfaces and even window-cleaning gondolas to deflect the bad feng shui that these angles cause.
Back down to earth, we climb the stairs of the traditional and atmospheric Luk Yu Teahouse, for steaming bamboo baskets of dim sum and tea.

The Lanes and Mid Level areas nearby harbour an electric mix of boutiques, wet markets and curios. Hollywood Road, is stuffed full of antique shops and galleries and you can pop your head into the incense-filled Man Mo Temple for some Chinese culture.
I round off my stay with a soothing massage at the hotel spa. It takes up an amazing two floors in a maze of treatment and therapy rooms.

Can you really “do” Hong Kong in a weekend? No chance!
But if, like me, you’re strapped for time then you can cram a huge amount into a three-night stay. Hong Kong is compact and the perfect place for a girlie pampering weekend with a twist.
It feels incredibly safe yet exotic at the same time."

by Lisa Walsh,

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