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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full Moon Weekend- September

I hope you had a lovely weekend, as I did. When the weather's damp it's so luxurious to be able to cosy up in bed on a Sunday, you'll agree! An excellent tonic for the frazzled soul; very rebalancing. Wishing you a damp, grey day off to do the same (Doha girls, I'll keep wishing!)
This little island never ceases to surprise me. Have spent many hours this week past tootling about, under the guise of looking for property but really having a nosy of wherever I found interesting. There are dear little rose-covered cottages straight out of a fairy tale, grand old crumbling mansions, sad, tired old ladies (grand houses) rotting by the seaside; and much more besides.
Although I feel a sense of sadness here (see last post), there is also one of tremendous excitement. It seems to whisper, "If you have money, you can do anything!"
Does the land itself know it's an offshore banking haven?
I've asked for guidance many times from the angels this week. Many of the properties have been a waste of time- the energy within so deep or stagnant or opposite to who "you" are, you can't imagine yourself living in the place. Stay tuned for an article popping up on How to Feng Shui your House Hunt! We need all the help we can get during this process...
My call to heaven was picked up on Saturday morning, when an unusual and precious gem of a property was shown to me by it's graceful owner. Thank you for everything this weekend, amazing universe, and dear reader, stay tuned!

pictures taken in Orrisdale, behind Bishop's Court, Isle of Man.

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