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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where the heart is... Feng Shui by the Sea

Many people compliment me about the website of Feng Shui by the Sea. I'd love to share with you it's background.

"When I created my website, I was travelling (as I have been since 2003, with longest "home" anywhere being 8 months). I was "so over" the idea of carrying belongings around! I wanted a home I didn't have to carry around me. A home that just existed, I could go to wherever I was in the world. Full of positive energy, holding the essence of what I really loved and a place that made others feel good to visit. Like my business. If only I could live in my business! Out of this desire, Feng Shui By The Sea (website) was made.

An enlightened man in Croatia built it exactly to my specifications and came up with some lovely touches of his own, that just make it more welcoming. I have asked him why he does not put his company name at the foot of the site for referral business. He tells me because it was all my work. Such is his nature.

I feel so happy to welcome you to my "home" and know we have similar hopes & dreams. It is a blessed space on the web and only kindred spirits find it."

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