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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Magic: 5 Steps to a Quantum Life

Dear Friends,

as promised, here are the wonderful answers to so many questions I had regarding what I call "real" magic- quantum physics, supplied by author and expert, Natalie Reid. Enjoy our interview!


Would you define, for the non-scientists among us, what Quantum Physics actually is?

Quantum Physics really is the study of how sub-atomic particles movie inside an atom, and how they interact. And what you find is, they don’t act the way we think they would. There’s all sort of magical activity going on in there. Sub-atomic particles even move backwards and forwards in time. And some energy operates in a certain way, until we look at it… then, it changes. Since we can, as quantum physics has proven, influence the way sub-atomic particles interact through the power of observation, this leads us to the conclusion that if you focus on what you want, then you will witness what you want to see… or, you get what you focus on

What led you to making the study of Quantum Physics your career & business?
After my sister watched “What the bleep do we know?” many years ago, I went looking for more information to feed her new fascination with Quantum Physics. I couldn’t find anything that offered the answers we were looking for in the bookstores, so I decided to write my own.

What are the usual ways you use quantum physics in your own life?
I have been using Quantum Physics in my own life for 15 or 20 years. Whenever I thought of something I wanted, I would immediately identify “Is there some reason why I wouldn’t want this?” change my subconscious beliefs around it if so, and then focus, visualize and truly feel as if I deserved it and God wanted me to have it. Because I believe that we live in a benevolent universe that wants us to be happy. This Universe doesn’t want to deny us; it wants to give us what we ask. And in doing this process, I’ve discovered that I absolutely get what I focus on. It’s that simple.
Whether it’s chatting to a friend about an expensive item I needed, for her to say, “You know, I have one of those and I never use it!” which happened recently, or attracting the solution to a problem right when I require it (and there’s lots of examples of stories like this on my website), the more I see Quantum Physics around me, the more instances occur.

What’s the relationship of the Law of Attraction to Quantum Physics?
I have strong feelings about the whole concept of the “Law of Attraction”. Part of my message is 1. It isn’t a secret, and,
2. It isn’t the law of “attraction” at all.
There’s not a huge warehouse in the sky somewhere, where all the jobs you’ve ever wanted, your perfect spouse, or financial abundance is waiting. It’s not about attracting the fulfilment of these desires. It’s about creating goodness, exactly how you want it to be, and how it fits into your own life. If there’s something you want, there is nothing stopping you from getting it, apart from your resistance to the idea and any limiting beliefs you have about yourself. That’s why “attracting” parking spaces is easy. Most of us don’t have much resistance built up towards finding a nice car space. And knowing it’s a law of creation, not of simple attraction, gives us more power instead of being disappointed when positive thoughts doesn’t work so quickly with something else in our life that we have more resistance to.

What do you think of feng shui? Do you practise it? Is feng shui linked to Quantum Physics, in your opinion?
I practise and believe in feng shui. I have a lot of respect for the deities of every religion; and have Hindu, Buddhist and crystals in my home. I believe in the flow of energy all around us, yet it can remain unseen until it becomes matter.

Do you have any words on the role Quantum Physics plays in healing?
To anyone who is considering using quantum physics to heal themselves, I would first say, continue seeing your medical professionals. When something has manifested as physical, we need to deal with it on the physical level. Telling your doctor, “No it’s okay, I’m just going to heal myself!” is just being a martyr. But ask yourself that important question, “Why would I want this pain/sickness?” A lot of people get great mileage from illness- perhaps it allows them to give up something they don’t want to do, receive flowers and sympathy, or something else. Then, once you’ve cleared these subconscious issues, use the power of visualisation, just as it effects changes at the subatomic level, to see yourself well and better than ever before.”

Thank you, Natalie, for your time in answering these questions!

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CosmicGoddess said...

I've heard about quantum physics~~cool! i think i'll just have to read that book now!! haha