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Friday, November 14, 2008

Natalie Reid & Synchronicity

Dear everyone,

It's my great pleasure to introduce Natalie Reid, Ph.D, author of "5 Steps to A Quantum Life: How to use The Astounding Secrets of Quantum Physics to Create the Life You Want"

She has been kind enough to write a blog for Feng Shui By The Sea on an idea I'm fascinated in, but have never been quite au fait with explaining- the concept of Synchronicity.

You might be part of the Synchronicity group in Qatar, a gathering of individuals passionate about Mind Body & Spirit topics, or you might have your own "synchronicity" group- I used to call them my "Circle of Psychics" - people who share your love of feng shui, yoga or reiki, who may call you just as you're thinking about them, or offer you something you need before you even ask...

Natalie explains, below, how Synchronicity is a natual occurrence. I hope you enjoy her explanation. In a next post I'll share with you an interview I did with Natalie, where we reveal her ideas about the Law of Attraction, the film & book The Secret, feng shui, healing and more. But for now, here's to a new understanding, and appreciation, of Synchronicity!

Synchronicity and Non-Locality of Particles

Nearly everyone has experienced the kind of synchronicity that plays out like a coincidence – you’re thinking about someone and she calls you, or you have a uneasy sense about a friend and then hear bad news about him. In quantum physics we learn about non-locality.

Experiments in the quantum have shown that one particle seems to “know” what another is doing, even when no apparent signal has passed between them, and the scientific term for that phenomenon is non-locality. These scientific words describe synchronicity!

- Natalie Reid

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