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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Molecules of Emotion

Have you seen the movie "What the bleep do we know?"

While I'll admit that I didn't really enjoy some parts, I am absolutely fascinated by the ideas presented. One of the most amazing is the concept/discovery of Molecules of Emotion, the findings of Dr Candace Pert (who has a book by the same name).

Molecules of Emotion go a long way towards explaining the Law of Attraction and absolutely confirm the Abraham-Hicks teachings. It explains why we attract the people we attract habitually, how we get into similar life circumstances over and over again, how we can heal and why negative life-patterns make us ill in the first place.

An intrpretation can go something like this...

Each of us are hard-wired to our preference of feel-good and feel-bad chemicals in our body. Feelings, or emotions, create powerful chemical states in our bodies. And our bodies are addicted to a certain chemical state.

So what happen is: our cells crave the chemicals, our hypothalamus needs to produce them, it is stimulated by the emotions we experience to do this; so, we seek ways to experience the emotion which makes the hypothalamus produce that chemical combination.

Or the other way around: We experience circumstances that create a strong emotion, our hypothalmus produces chemicals that help our body cope with that emotion; our body, being regularly fed this chemical combination, becomes addicted to it, so we continue to seek out the emotion to get our daily "fix".

The cells in our bodies are addicted to feeling a particular way on a regular basis. Depression, anger, fear, excitement, peace, all are a unique chemical state in our body, produced to feed our cells what they desire most. If our cells are addicted to feeling stress, and need to be fed the stress cocktail, we'll find a way to feel stress no matter what is gong on in our lives. We'll attract the people and the circumstances to feel stressful.

How do we become addicted? How is one person hard-wired to feel good, and another person hard-wired to feel rejected? How do we know what chemical cocktail we're addicted to?

Q. How do we become addicted, and how is one person hard-wired to feel good, and another person hard-wired to feel rejected?

A. Simply, by habit. Whatever we're used to feeling, becomes what our body is used to and what it craves when it's taken away. Our earliest addictions are from the regular emotions we experienced at home as a child. If it was great love, we're hard-wired to find that amount of acceptance. if it's fear or competition, the chemical mix created by these emotions will lead us to seek out experiences that give us these same emotions so we get our "fix"... until we break the habit.

Q. How do we know what chemical cocktail we're addicted to?

A. Make a list of all the positive emotions you've felt in the past 48 hours. Now make a list of all the negative emotions you've felt. Put the strongest and the most frequent emotions at the top of the lists. Your body makes a unique cocktail for each of these emotions and it's this chemical combination you're addicted to.

Wouldn't you like to break your habit of addiction to those negative emotions, and experience people and circumstances that produce more of the stuff you love?


Natalie Reid said...

It is your subconscious mind that creates a world to match what it contains, so you can change your reality - and break negative old patterns - by working with your subconscious mind. The belief or attitude or thought was subconscious BEFORE the event, because without that triggering thought the event would not have happened. So you can work with your subconscious mind and see your reality change! Quantum physics shows us that we create our reality at the moment we experience it, and we do that using our subconscious minds!

Samantha Honey said...

Yes! highlighted in What the bleep...this was also fascinating to me- that we create our reality the moment we perceive it. I recommend everyone interested in the Law of Attraction & Quantum Physics to explore your website & blog-
Thank you!