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Monday, November 24, 2008

More of the healing power in our favourite things...

Dear Sabrina at turquoise dreams: 3 Things I love. has some very special favourite things. Are you discovering more of your own as we go on this month?

Here's a secret: I am so glad I am doing this process.

Remember when I wrote that our favourite things, especially if they are universal, can gather around and make a loving landscape no matter where in the world we find ourselves?

I was only just about to find out how true (again) this is.

Because quite suddenly a few days ago I found myself in very different territory from any I've ever been- a hospital ward here on the island. But fresh from listing my favourite things, I discovered many of them them in the unfamiliar setting around me:

.. a sunrise and sunset out the window

.. the steadfast tick-tocking of a clock

.. fluffy bedsocks

.. custard!

.. and, when there was nothing nice to look at, and only moments to "think of something that makes you feel good"; always the angels. Archangels Michael and Raphael, and Ganesh came to visit, right when they were most needed, too.

(remember, the angels need us to call on them to help us. There are many more angelic helpers than we could ever make use of, and the Archangels can be many different places at one time, so call on them whenever you feel lonely, scared, unsure or lost. They need your permission to intervene, and will be at your aid straight away.)

No end of comfort and peace was drawn from noticing and loving their presence.

There's true healing power in our favourite things.

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