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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deliciously Auspicious IV

Nature's touch is just perfect to enhance prosperity & health energy...

... a lovely way to bring the outside in,
with your own elegant terrarium.

pictures from talented made by mavis on etsy,


Sabrina said...

Hi Samantha, thank you for the lovely suggestion. I just had one question? Is there a difference between having simly a potted plant indoors and a terrarium?
love your ideas and the knowledge you give on feng shui... :)

Samantha Honey said...

Hi Sabrina!

You're right, a potted plant will also bring in health & prosperity energy. I don't know about you- but I get a little bored with the same things always around me! A terrarium is a lovely fresh way to bring in good chi..
Also a potted plant isn't auspicious in the bedroom, as it's natural cycle creates active energy in a room at night when we benefit most from restful chi. And a terrarium, with it's living energy encased in glass (earth element) offers a wonderful alternative, especially if your bedroom is located in the East or South East, where the energy of living plants is so auspicious.
Thank you!