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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Feng Shui Power of your Favourite Things

picture: white dress with blue satin sash, via {this is glamorous}

Maybe you have your favourite perfume or a lucky stone you carry... a hairstyle, or a pair of knickers you wear when you just want things to go right.

But did you know... attracting luck is a very different energy to knowing everything's going to be alright?

This difference is the Power of our Favourite Things. We want them all around us, everywhere we look, in every situation: enough talismans, enough comfort, to make us know everything is going to be okay.

If you're daring enough to move from maybe to certainty that you live in a friendly universe in a few simple steps, the world around you will look very different this time next month. It will be your world. A world you can spin whichever direction you want.

November's Cheat Sheet will guide us through. Get yours here.

A lovely surprise waits at the bottom of your November Cheat Sheet: a voucher for a Feng Shui for the Soul Life Definition coaching session- 60 minutes via telephone and with email follow-up, worth US$90- free with the purchase of one session until Dec 31.

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